A Lot of Ugly Ones

It was a lovely Autumn day today, and after the wind and rain storms we had, a memory of Summer came to me.

Nitram had to go into the city for a day in the summer, and it was sweltering. In the afternoon he caught a cab, driven by a very talkative and friendly older Latino. The guy is going on and on about how much he loves New York, and how much he even loves it when the weather is like this in NY — the heat, it’s “the best time of year, because this is when all the women, they start taking off their clothes!”

Being a nice guy, Nitram tries to reply in kind: “Um … yup … there are a lot of beautiful women in New York City.”

The cabbie is silent for a long moment, then slowly nods his head and says, “Yes. And a lot of ugly ones, too.”

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