Me an’ My Towel, by Izzy

Here I am in my favorite towel. Mommy wraps me in it and cuddles and kisses and pets me for a long time and I love it and I just brux and brux.


I had quite a fun night tonight. I was feeling rather energetic and went walking around. Tried to climb lots of stuff but couldn’t, so Mom helped me out. I sat on the windowsill and she opened the window a little bit so I could sniff the warm night air and all the interesting smells coming in.

Played in one of the litterboxes. Hey, don’t knock it ’til you’ve tried it. Ate a couple yogies — they kept trying to get away from me but I managed to catch ’em and kill ’em. Good stuff. I even started making a nest in my igloo.

Then Mom wrapped me in the towel again! Nice…

…until I saw that sippy syringe comin’ at me.




I do not like my meds no more,
I do not like them, that’s for sure.

Heck of a fight. Cryin’, hollerin’, squirmin’… and that was just Mom. Me, I gave it my best shot: jazz hands, the Disappearing Rat Head trick, lots of bruxing so that the meds slide out of the other side of my mouth… actually that’s my best one ‘cos it makes Mommy giggle, and then laugh, and then she can’t hold on to me so good.

Somehow, though, she got ’em all in me. Damn.

Was kind of exhausting, really. Mom said so, too. She asked me why I don’t want my meds no more and I just gave her that look. I’m sick of ’em. Bored with it. Over it. Stick a fork in me… no, wait, don’t do that.

I get all sticky, too, and Mom got these puppy wipes to clean me up but I don’t like ’em much. I wish she would just lick me like a mom is supposed to but what are ya gonna do… no parent is perfect. Close, Mom, but hey, I love ya anyways. ~Izzy

3 responses to “Me an’ My Towel, by Izzy

  1. Awwww I so remember rattie burritos! And miss them. Kisses to sweet Izzy!

  2. What a perfect little furry face! That last photo, well – :*)
    You don’t lick her clean? What’s the matter with you?

  3. YOU lick her. Or wait, maybe we’ll get TT to do it… ;D

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