The Blowfish of Peru

We’re having soup and leftover pizza for dinner. Sounds weird. Is good.

Nitram: Something in the laundry room smells funny.

Me: Funny how?

Nitram: I dunno.

Me: Well, what’s it smell like.

Nitram: I dunno, it just smells… unpleasant.

Me: Unpleasant.

Nitram: Yeah.

Me: Unpleasant how? I mean, what it’s smell like?

Nitram: I don’t know.

Me: How can you not know. Can’t you describe it?

Nitram (sighs): No. Well… it doesn’t smell like farts, it doesn’t smell like dead people… What?

My eyes are brimming. I have to put down my spoon.

Nitram: …it doesn’t smell like, like — the blowfish of Peru… what?

Me: You’re trying to kill me!

Nitram: Then stop eating.

Me: “The blowfish of Peru—” oh, God!

Then he starts laughing because I can’t stop, and he turns his back on me with a mouthful of soup he can’t swallow.

It takes a while but finally we’re calm enough to resume eating.

Me: After dinner, we should go upstairs and sniff the laundry room—

And we’re off again. Cold soup.

5 responses to “The Blowfish of Peru

  1. Larry would choke to death eating with you two. :)

  2. Well, don’t tell anyone about this at your upcoming dinner party, then — you’ll have a lot of dead guests on your hands. :D

  3. You two are hilarious! But seriously….what was the smell? Things like that eat me up inside until I figure them out. And if you are free, could you guys come and evaluate that smell in my kitchen that I can’t find?

  4. There was no smell when we went up there! It actually smells nice in there because of the Mrs Meyers laundry sheets on the shelf.

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