I was just going over some old e-mails from when I had mice, and found this story I’d told Linda:

At the vet’s yesterday a mom came in with two young boys, and the kids kept eyeing the travel cage. Finally the youngest boy stands near and asks, “What is it?”




“MOM! She has MICE.”

Mom comes over to look and I can see that she’s just being polite when she says they’re cute. The she says, “We have mice… in our house,” and shudders.

I say, “Oh, so do we,” and sort of shrug.

She makes a tortured face and says, “They have… germs,” and without forethought I blurt out, “Only if you lick ’em.”

Was worth it.

3 responses to “Lick

  1. You should have licked one of her kids!

  2. Ew! Filthy wodent cooties! Yogie bref!

  3. Ha! I love you for that!

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