Bubble, bubble, boiler trouble

Electric phosphate smelting furnace. Palmer, Alfred T., photographer. The Library of Congress on Flickr.

Yarrrg! We were going to have a new boiler installed Monday because it’s been leaking, and suddenly tonight it started leaking more and now the leak has put out our furnace fire. Borrowed space heaters (there is already one in Izzy’s room so she’s all toasty), opened the kitchen cabinet doors to keep the pipes warm, extra blankets on the bed. There’s a chance the new boiler might have come in already, so if it has, they’ll install it tomorrow (Saturday). If not, it’ll be a chilly weekend. Thank our lucky stars for generous and easygoing next-door neighbors with three bathrooms so we can shower and not stink all weekend. I’m sitting here with four shirts on and probably won’t last much longer before I get in bed with Stephen King and extra blankets.

4 responses to “Bubble, bubble, boiler trouble

  1. I hear Stephen King has cold feet.
    Stay warm!

  2. He does, he does. :D

    No installation until Monday. We’re huddling by the heaters. Good thing it’s warmer out than it has been.

  3. So, that photo, is that your basement? ;)

  4. I wish it were, at least then we’d be warm!

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