Great post title, eh? Got your attention.

Good. Because that was about it. Gratuitous sexual imagery.

Not that I don’t have anything else to say. Got a lot to say. Not much time to say it, so for now, you can just look at my boobies.

Okay. Gotta add a couple for a friend:

And J, remember:

9 responses to “Boobies!

  1. Be prepared for a huge spike in hits. :)

  2. I would click the “Like” button, but I don’t want to look like a perv.

  3. Look like?? I mean, c’mon: “dongtacular.” Look like. Ha. :D

  4. Oh how cute! He’s so sweet! And fuzzy! And his feet aren’t blue yet!

  5. Adorable, no? Little grey feet that will eventually be bright blue. So cool!

  6. The boobies in your photos don’t have blue feet. Or feathers. I’m beginning to suspect I was lured to this site on false pretences and there aren’t actually any boobies here at all.

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