She’s here, she’s happy, and already getting rather spoiled. Working on some leash training, doing lots of cuddling. When we take the leash off the wall hook she starts wiggling happily like she’s going to wiggle herself in half. She hasn’t had any accidents so being in the shelter for a few months didn’t affect her previous housebreaking, which is nice.

The shelter estimates she’s close to 7 years old, but she acts very young. She’s a Dalmatian/Whippet mix. They said she is a “flight risk” in that she’ll shoot right out the door when you open it. Just a couple of hours after she was home, Nitram opened the door without checking to see if she was behind him and she ran out onto the porch. He was afraid she’d run into the road so he tried to grab her, and missed. She screamed because he scared her, and she ran the rest of the way onto the back deck, which was good because she can’t get to the road or driveway from there. We got her back in the house and she was terrified of him for a few hours after that. He felt awful. But she warmed up to him again, just not fully yet. She’ll sit next to him on the couch, let him pet her and rub her belly, but won’t always come to him when he calls. He was petting her last night and told her she was being fickle, and I thought he said she was like a pickle, hence her name.

I think we may be letting him be the one to give her training treats for the most part, for now, to get him back in her good graces. She’s very treat-oriented so we’ll have to be careful to stick with the tiny training treats, but we’re going to take advantage of her love of them to help motivate her.

She’s just utterly adorable. :)

6 responses to “Pickle

  1. Congrats on the new baby! She’s a sweet pickle!

  2. I feel I should be buying “new baby” gifts for you!

  3. Yay! She’s home! I’m so happy for you and Sweet Pickle! :D

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