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Free-tailed Bat, copyright 2011 Leonardo Ancillotto. All Rights Reserved.

Disclaimer: This applies to North American New England bats; if anyone very knowledgeable about bats of the world would like to comment and add advice, please do.

If a bat gets into your house, here is what to do:

This almost always happens at night, so try to isolate the bat in one room by turning the lights off or low in that room, and turning the lights on or bright in other rooms. Bats are not attracted to light. To isolate the room, close the doors very slowly and very carefully. This can take some constant effort because the bat will usually be swooping and dive-bombing throughout the house. Be very careful not to slam doors or barriers — you do not want a squished little bat.

I tend to sort of crawl around on the floor while doing this, to avoid the bat’s flight path. No, they are not going to dive for your hair or face — but they do swoop and dive, and if your hair or face is in the way, oh well.

Once the bat is isolated in one room, open a window — make sure the screen is up and open, preferably as you are opening the window; you don’t want the bat crashing into the screen repeatedly.

If the bat doesn’t immediately fly right out the window, turn the lights off completely, and it should head right out.


Okay, so that’s what to do. Here is what not to do:

Scream and run around like a nutter, flapping your arms.

Grab a pillowcase or towel or other item to trap the bat in. Bad idea. Hurts the bat, may hurt you.

So there it is, that’s about it. Simple.

Bats are largely beneficial creatures and they want to be in your house even less than you want them to be there. Be good to the bats and ease them out. Remember, “Don’t panic.”

Also, please see Bat World Sanctuary‘s page on What to do if You’ve Found a Bat.

Recycle Your Politicians

There seem to be no green politicians round here. It’s pissing me off and driving me nuts. This is only two days’ worth, and there are duplicates and triplicates in the pile:

A couple people I’ll be voting for are in there. A couple people I’ve never even heard of. A few others I wish would disappear. Regardless, they’re all pissing me off.

Listen up, politicians:

I do my own political research. I read and listen to news, look you up online on your site and others, evaluate what you have to say against your track record. I do not need a flyer or two from you EVERY DAMN DAY.

You can talk all you want about how green you are and how you care about the environment, but your countless flyers are going out to others who are perhaps not like me: they won’t recycle them, they’ll just throw them away. I know people like this, and they don’t care about recycling. Half of them don’t even vote, and your polluting flyers are not going to change that. Your flyers aren’t going to change my mind, either — unless, of course, you send me so many that I decide not to vote for you because of your negative impact on the environment. And you can talk about how you’re providing jobs for Americans through the design, printing, and distribution of your flyers, but get this: if there is no America left after it’s been buried under trash, you personally contributed to that.

Damn, I’m pissed off.

A few weeks back I sent e-mails/sitemails to every politician and party that started filling up my mail box with this crap, telling them to stop. Never heard back, of course, and the pollution just keeps rolling in.