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Free Hugs!

Free Hugs, by an untrained eye on Flickr

I had to go to the mall today. There was a custom-print t-shirt shop in one of the many center kiosks there, and a sign on the shop read, in big letters: “FREE HUGS.” I walked by slowly, staring at it. The guy working there was helping two others but he smiled and said hi, so I asked him if it was a sign for free hugs, or if it was supposed to go on a t-shirt. He misunderstood and said, “Sure, you can get that on a t-shirt.”

“Oh, I thought it was a sign for free hugs.”

Still not understanding, he pointed to it: “Free hugs, yup.”

“But I thought you were the one giving out free hugs!”

“Ohhhhhhh!” He opened his arms wide. “A free hug, yeah!”

We hugged and I said thanks, and began walking away, smiling. I glanced at the two other women there and they were grinning.

I think it was just what we all needed.