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Jack LaLanne

Jack LaLanne Interview in Music & Body Magazine, May 2010, by dagutierrez on Flickr

For those of you not as old as me, and y’others from other countries, Jack LaLanne has died Sunday, January 23rd, 2001, at age 96. I was just thinking about him two days ago.

I was just about as obsessed with him as I was with the Beatles when I was a little kid — up until I was at least 11 or 12, I think. I had to watch his show on TV (b&w!) and exercise with him. My grandmother was very patient and accommodating when I bugged her to do jumping jacks in her living room along with me and Mr LaLanne (poor Grammy!). Like the passing of Mr Rogers, Jack LaLanne’s death marks not only the end of a true era, but the end of a long and good part of part of my childhood. And like any old person (“Kids these days!”), I honestly feel a little bit sorry for those who didn’t grow up with either of these great guys.

Ahhnold, you got nothin’ on Jack.

A fond goodnight — and a heartfelt thank-you for a lifelong interest in moving my butt — to the original Mr Fitness.