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All By Myself, by Izzy

My brother is gone.

We went to the vet yesterday and Baby didn’t come back home with me. Now I’m all by myself. Except for Mom, of course. It’s just me and Mommy now.

I have two igloos to myself now, my small one and the big one me and Baby shared. Mom put two stuffed, fuzzy binkies in the big igloo for me so that I don’t feel so alone in there. They’re not quite as big as Baby, but they still smell like him and my sisters so it’s kinda comforting.

Mom is paying even more attention to me now than she was before — which is quite a feat considering she was already waiting on me hand and foot. I like it. I love being wrapped in my towel and cuddling with Mom… I just wish I could still cuddle with Baby, too.



My Green Mile, by Izzy

Me again. Can you believe it?? I thought I was toast.

I think this is the third or fourth time I’ve bounced back from the brink. I’m doing really well. The meds had stopped working for a while and I went mostly elsewhere, then I perked up again the tiniest bit and Mom starting putting meds into me again like crazy, and they took hold.

Just before I perked up really well, Mom and Nitram had watched The Green Mile again. They were out on their porch later that night, talking about the movie, and Mommy said, “Izzy’s on her own Green Mile,” and Nitram said, “Yeah,” and Mommy started to say something else and then stopped in mid-word, gaping at the night sky. A falling star was going by, and as it fell, it turned a soft, glowing green, then faded out and disappeared. Nitram said, “What?” and Mom said, “A falling star. It turned green.” Nitram said, “Did you make a wish?” and Mom said, “That one was for Izzy.”

My own star. :) And then guess what? I got better again. And a few days later (last week, on the 5th), Baby and I celebrated our 2 years 7 month birthday. Damn, we are old as dirt.

Now, I’m the one zooming around (well, “zooming” is kinda a strong word, but hey, I feel rather zoomy), and Baby is the one creeping around. He’s been losing the use of his legs for a while now and lately it’s really bad — they’re just like little flippers. Well, little is a relative term, he’s freakin’ HA-YOOJ. Fat? He makes four of me. Nice to cuddle up to, though.

So we’ve got our ills, and who knows if we’ll be here next week (but I’ll be here all week, don’t forget to tip your waiter. Har!), but hey, you might get hit by a bus tomorrow, so ya never know.