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Manky and Squinch


It’s a word! I was looking up “grimace” and there it was: squinch. I often say the rodents make the squinchy face and Nitram says You made that word up.

Ooh, I have to look up another word he made fun of me for saying…

Yessssssss! I said of his holey sweatpants the other night, No wonder you’re so cold, you in your manky sweatpants. He looked at me like I was crazy, then he just about snorted soda out his nose at the word.

I am vindicated. Well, actually, I thought I had made up both those words because they just sort of occurred to me, but either they have occurred to a lot of other people as well or I’d heard them long ago and not remembered. Or both.

It comes to me that Manky and Squinch would make great mouse names.