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“Nice Teats!”

A Cleavage From Another Time, by Fabio Gismondi on Flickr

So I was getting my hair cut the other day, and as Robin was standing in front of me cutting my bangs, I tried to focus past her fingers because it was making me cross-eyed. I re-focussed and looked right down her shirt, so I said, “Oh, nice cleavage today.”

She said, “Thank you, honey,” then, a second later: “OH MY GOD guess what I did!”

“This ought to be good.”

“New neighbors moved in next door, and the other day Dee and I were there visiting. The husband is Portuguese and the wife is Brazilian, and neither speak English very well, but we managed to have a nice visit. We were all getting along great when the woman leans toward me and smiles and says, ‘You hab nice teats!'”

“What! Hahaha!”

“Yeah, so I laughed and slapped my butt and said, ‘Hey, my ass ain’t bad, either!'”

“Hahaha!! Did you!”

“Oh but wait. There was this silence. Then their son, who was helping translate at times, said, ‘Um… teeth. My mom says you have nice teeth.'”




“What did Dee do?!” (Dee is a lot like Nitram.)

“Oh she just looked away and muttered the usual ‘Oh, Robbie.'”

“What did everyone else do?!”

“Laughed like crazy! I love my new neighbors!”



She had to stop cutting my hair partway through this story and for a few minutes afterwards because we were laughing so hard.